Andrea Spolti Resume

      Name : Andrea Spolti

Age : 40

Gender : Male

Citizenship : Italian

Email :;


1976 – 1981 Fratelli Calvi Elementary School (Italy)

1982 – 1984 Sacramentine Sisters Mid School (Italy)

1985 – 1988 Istituto Tecnico Ragionieri “Vitt. Emanuele II” (Business School, Italy)

1986 – 1996 Diploma in Piano – The highest available Degree in Italy, 10 years course (Conservatory Puccini, Italy)

2000 – 2001 Diploma as a Professional Journalist (Italy)

2007 – 2009 Master's Degree in Piano Performance from University of Hawaii (USA)


1996 – 1999 CDPM (Italy)
Position Piano and Music Teacher
Company Profile A top music school in Bergamo, Italy.

Responsibility Teach piano and theory class to students of all ages, but mostly kids and teenagers.

1996 – 1999 Mary Lindsey Voice School
Position Piano Accompanist
Company Profile A top voice school in Milano, Italy.

Responsibility Accompanying opera singers from allover the world during lessons, rehearsals and tens of public performances.

2000 – 2007 L'Eco di Bergamo (Italian daily Newspaper)
Position Professional Journalist
Report as a music critic, plus reporting for news, politics and interviewing VIP from all over the world.

Job Responsibility Reporting to the editor in chief and publish articles about any topic but mostly classical music. I have over 500 published articles (available in pdf upon request).

2007 – 2009 University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu (USA)
Position Piano Teacher and Accompanist
Teach piano class at University level, and accompany voice classes.
2007 – 2009 Piano Studio (Honolulu, Hawaii)
Position PianoTeacher
Company Profile A top music school in Hawaii, USA.

Responsibility Teach piano and theory class to students of all ages, but mostly kids and teenagers.

2009 – 2012 El-live Productions
Position Held Keyboard Player of the Transit Band

Job Responsibility Play keyboards in the Transit Band in top clubs of 5 stars hotel such as Sheraton (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam), Hilton (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia), Grand Hyatt (Muscat, Oman; Seoul, Korea; Bangkok, Thailand), Crowne Plaza (Shenzhen, China).


Video and Audio Demos on Youtube

Piano and Keyboard Performances

Queen Concert for Keyboard, Piano and Orchestra

- We Are The Champions
- Who Wants To Live Forever and Bohemian Rhapsody
- Innuendo
- Love of My Life and an homage to Grieg

Concerto Suite for Keyboard, Piano and Orchestra

- Scriabin and Wagner
- A Night at the Opera
- La Ragazza con gli Occhi di Sole
- Rosanna and Hold The Line

From Bach to Lady Gaga

- Padre Pio tra Cielo e Terra by Ennio Morricone
- Allegro from the Brandenburg Concert No. 3 by Bach
- Adagio by Albinoni
- Slavonic Dance in G Minor by Dvorak
- Largo from the Symphony from the New World by Dvorak
- Bad Romance by Lady Gaga
- Padre Pio tra Cielo e Terra by Ennio Morricone


Some of my credits include: Performing Mozart's Quartets with musicians of the La Scala Philharmonic Orchestra, Award for Best Soloist on Bergamo TV and the 6,000 USD John Young Scholarship from University of Hawaii.
I was the official pianist for the Centro Italiano Musica Antica of Rome, where performers as French soprano Patricia Petibon made guest appearances.
I played in gospel concerts with the Effata' Choir and Orchestra. I recorded a CD of Navidad en Verano which includes Misa Criolla and the collection Navidad Nuestra by Ariel Ramirez.

Special Performances: My musical versatility was highlighted when I shared the stage with the renowned band Gipsy Kings at the Teatro Romano of Verona, where I performed my original compositions. My original score the Gotti Dance thrilled an audience of 2,000 at a special event celebrating Italian cyclist Ivan Gotti, winner of the Giro d'Italia competition.

Updated:  December 6, 2012

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