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       Bounded by their passion for music and by their friendship, the CREATIVE QUARTET emerged as one of the busiest and most appreciated Romanian ensembles nowadays. The standard for musical quality is assured by the four members of the ensemble, all members not only of the Romanian National Philharmonic Orchestra in Arad but also permanent guests of several international orchestras.

In the pursuit of musical perfection, the members of the Creative Quartet are regularly participating at master classes, sharing their experience and passion with fellow musicians while also working with some of the biggest names of the European classical music scene.

With a vast repertoire ranging from Vivaldi and Mozart, crossing over Tchaikovsky and J.Strauss, to popular well known songs by artists such as Scott Joplin, Astor Piazzolla and The Beatles, the Creative Quartet managed to establish themselves as a standard for professionalism and musical quality.

For the last few years, the ensemble was busy touring Europe, regularly performing in Austria, Italy, Hungary,China and U.S.A. Altering chamber music, adaption of well-known orchestral works, jazz and café-concerts, the Creative Quartet are hailed as one of today's most exciting young ensembles approaching this various music genres, continuing to thrill international audiences with their temperament, passion and musicianship.

Updated:  October 6, 2011

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