Ben Woolley Resume

      Ben Woolley was born in Sutton Coldfield in 1997 where at the age of 11 he was chosen to play tuba at Plantsbrook School. In 4 years Ben is already on grade 8 material after gaining a 96/100 distinction at grade 7, and he has performed with multiple orchestra's and groups including:
- Plantsbrook Orchestra, Swing Band, Chamber Orchestra and Brass Ensemble.
- Birmingham Schools' Symphony Orchestra, Concert Band, Concert Brass Band, Brass Band and Brass Ensemble.
- 1 Term with the National Youth Wind Orchestra of Great Britain.
- Sutton Brass Ensemble
- Staffordshire Brass Band
Ben currently holds the 2 highest positions for a tuba player in the Birmingham music service being principal tuba for Symphony Orchestra & Brass Ensemble
Ben was the tuba player for Plantsbrook Brass Ensemble when they became the first school group to perform in a music service concert.
In 2013, Ben will be auditioning for the CBSO Youth Orchestra.

Updated:  April 20, 2013

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