Duo Blueberry BLUEBERRY DUO Resume


Name: Anza Maria Karnincic
Musical education : music high school
Profession: lead singer, cocktail pianist

Name: Hula Nebojsa
Musical education: music High School
Profession: singer, rock/ blues/ jazz guitarist, saxophonist

Blueberry Duo is a top quality international duo with worldwide experience and versatile repertoire.

Anza Maria (vocal, piano/keys) and Hula (vocal, guitar and saxophone) performed through years in luxury venues and cruise ships.

The repertoire is composed of best world hits adapting to the needs of the event, venue and organizers.

Blueberry Duo gives an extra bonus musical experience since it has different styles of performance and various combinations (acoustic or plugged).

In the last 6 years Duo performed on board cruise ships-MSC vessels (5 contracts) and PONANT (1 contract). And a lot of land gigs in the most luxurious venues in between cruise contracts.

Both members are healthy and posses C1/D visas, valid passports and STCW 95.

Duo is very successful in their performances, because of the best musical equipment, a wide and versatile repertoire, interaction with audience and they sound like a 4/5-piece band.

Updated:  January 22, 2018

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