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Since it's so difficult for many musicians to climb up the ladder in the music industry i came up with a little "Project" that COULD work for all. I've met multiple rappers, rock artist etc who are still struggling to wiggle their way to the top. Sadly they are still struggling. I mean it is their dream to be famous and all.
What I'm trying to do here is get all type of artist and musicians to work on an album of at least 10 odd songs all together which includes composers, singers, guitarist, pianists etc of all kind. Even though some type of musicians dont like each other regarding their styles and genres. But today that is getting a bit in the way of their success since most people of today like hearing different type of music. I havent been a musician for plenty of years but from what i know and experienced (Dont get me wrong) any type of music can be put together! For example. Rap/blues/techno or Hard rock/R&B and even Metal/Jazz.
Some people may say YES genres are meant to be played and heard on their own, not disagreeing because me myself is a Rock and Punk artist and fan. But it wouldnt hurt anybody when these do get mixed because the world of music is not idling, it's moving forward.
The mission here is to get this album done with well written music and a couple of cathcy songs. At the end of the day whoever takes part of the project will be credited for. And from there on you will have a couple of doors opened already.
Inbox me and i will tell you more and answer your questions and would gladly welcome you to part of this project. Hard headed snotty musicians who wants to say something or know something too then your welcome to ask. :)

Imagine yourself in an ochestra, but only you doing what you want to do.

Were it not for music, we might in these days say, the Beautiful is dead. ~Benjamin Disraeli

Project X

Updated:  October 17, 2011

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