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      Allow me to introduce Bossa Jazz, a seasoned Latin and American Jazz quartet specializing in Brazilian Jazz and Bossa Nova, but with many years of experience performing the American Songbook as well as Be-Bop and straight-ahead jazz.

The band consists of:

Wayne Maddalena - cornet and vocals. Age 68, Wayne spent 29 years playing jazz in Bahia and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He is fluent in the Portuguese language and sings many Brazilian Bossa Nova hits in the original Portuguese lyrics. Wayne worked 4 years with the Dixie Jazz Kings of Boston, MA, and is well versed in traditional jazz as well as modern/progressive jazz. He was also a founding member/conductor/soloist of the Rio Jazz Orchestra of Rio de Janeiro Brazil from 1972 - 1983. The Rio Jazz Orchestra, under Wayne's leadership, has worked with Sarah Vaughn, Billy Eckstein, Tony Bennet, Johnny Mathis and many Brazilian stars, such as Roberto Carlos.

Ryan Larson - piano and vocals. Age 30, Ryan is considered by many to be the most talented and accomplished jazz pianist in south Florida.

Taddy Mowatt - string bass. Age 80, Taddy was born and grew up in Jamaica, and is now a naturalized US citizen and a veteran of many jazz groups in Jamaica and the US.

Tim Gordon - Drums and vocals. Age 54, Tim is a veteran of many jazz and pop groups and has toured Europe many times with pop and jazz groups.

Updated:  October 18, 2011

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