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      Live Music for your weddings and corporate events, restaurants and parties, performed by high quality, devoted, and prodigious Juilliard instrumental musicians. Your music will be exquisite if you hire Hear It Live Music, but come fast, because we get thousands of requests each month! Hear It Live Music has been around since 2008, a highly motivated group of individuals who know a little more than a thing or two about how to play an instrument. Starting from a young age we have impressed millions and millions of human ears and sensibilities since we began our careers as musicians, live performing entertainers. Our abilities are enjoyed and used through television, cds, and radio all day long, every day of the year. We were featured on HBO, NPR, and in live concerts around the world, on the five most important continents on the globe.

Amazing music, your favorite musicians, Juilliard performers, the best of the best, music you die to listen to, your favorite and most honorable wedding experience, an experience only Zeus could imagine.

Quality and insurance: We ensure the highest and best music you have ever seen and heard live, ever, that means we guarantee, that Hear It Live Music will play the greatest and most spectacular music you have ever heard in your entire life, and that you will never ever hear music, which is even a minuscule amount better than the music Hear It Live will perform at your wedding.

Updated:  October 24, 2011

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