Rumiz No-name Resume

      2 Piece Duo,Well over 20 plus years Experience,Wellover 200 plus songs,5 years New Zealand Country Backing band,10 years Band Experience as a Lead Guitarist/Vocalist,Bass Player,Rythmn Guitarist....20 plus years in the Pubs,Hotels,Taverns,Private functions(Birthdays,weddings,Celebrations,eg)in and Around the North Island of New Zealand(can confirm many...if not all!!)Musical flavour crossing from Classics 60's-70's,Disco,RnB,Country/rock n roll,Dance,Hip hop,Kiwi(NZ) and many many others....(have a list,eg)1xMale Guitarist/Vocalist influenced by George Benson,Gary Moore,Shadows,Duane Eddy,thru to Robert Cray,Stevie Ray,Jo Satrianni,my Dad-Mr Junior name a few,with a Female Singer,able to sing songs from Ardijah(top NZ band)Fergie,Lulu,Dixie chicks, Tina Turner,Renee Geyer,just to name a few

Updated:  October 30, 2011

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