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Hi My name is Mary Kathleen Burke . I am a singer/songwriter /Guitarist /Recording Artist and Radio Presenter .
I am orginally from Ireland and have been based in Scotland for many years . I started of my musical journey at 16 years old singing and playing on The Glasgow Irish Circuit . I went on to become the lead singer of a country band called Nevada till eventually I put my own band together and sang all over the UK country circuit. I took some time out from music for various reasons then was asked to join an Irish Showband . I played with them for 6 months travelling all over Ireland England and Scotland . In 2006 I went back to education and completed an HNC in Musical Performance and promotion this lead to me producing an EP "The long way home " I sent it to Greentrax Scotland's favourite record label for  folk musicians .  They signed me on a 3 year licensing deal to release my Debut album "A song in her heart ". The album recieved worldwide critical acclaim leading to many radio interviews ,Magazine interviews, A tour to Italy  etc .

Soon after the album release I was offered a slot presenting my own show on  . I did do other things in between I programmed two festivals and did run my own webzine for a while .
I have been doing a lot more song writing in the last couple of years and  doing gigs some support slots to well known names . I am available as a solo Duo trio and up to a six piece band and willing to tour and travel . I would like to complete another album soon when I meet the right musicians and producer . My set list includes Irish Folk, Scottish Folk Country and some standards . My website can be found at  some of the recordings here are professionally produced and some are live demos of rehearsals etc  . I write and sing from my heart and am very passionate about music .

I welcome any enquiries from agencies Mangers etc to help me bring my music to a wider audience I would also be happy to support a well known name . If you are interested in booking me please contact me direct on Here is a link to some videos at various gigs taken by audience members I would love to make a couple of professional videos soon .

Press Reviews
β€œ My Scotsman and Thee; this song is the likes of which careers are built upon. Having left Ireland and fallen for a man who will not forsake his home so that she might return to hers, Burke’s song strikes the balance between yearning lament and reflective acceptance. Staggering! Donald Teplyske ”
β€”  Donald Teplyske , Roots Music Canada
β€œ "An inspiring singer with a truly beautiful voice, Mary Burke is making a huge impression on the industry and has a bright and prosperous future ahead of her." Lecturer's Reid Kerr Music Departmnt ”
β€”  Reid Kerr College, Reid Kerr Marketing News
"Thank you so much for the album.Ive been playiny tracks from it since it arrived its a superb recording and you are a real star. It will feature regulary on my future playlists "Stan Graham
β€”  Stan Graham A taste of Folk, BBC Radio York
β€œThe strings of our hearts vibrated gently as they transport the absolute incredible voice of a true singer and exceptional as Mary Kathleen Burke, a real and true phenomenon, a complete musician, exciting, really great. ”
β€”  Antonio , A Boxful of Treasures Folk Club Forli Italy
β€œ This is an outstanding first album, even if she waited about 30 years to burst on the scene, and I look forward to many more. Nicky Rossiter (Irish Music Magazine) ”
β€”  Nicky Rossiter, Irish Music Magazine
β€œThis has to be one of the best debut albums I have heard !- beautiful voice, choice of songs and arrangements. I shall certainly be playing it on my Sunday evening show on Radio Borders. Karin Ingram (Presenter, The Sunday Getherin') ”
β€”  Karin Ingram, Radio Borders
β€œ music is as strong as her vocal ability and she includes Eleanor McEvoy's US hit A Womans Heart here. Donovans Catch The Wind makes it, as does Burns Ae Fond Kiss and various band settings of contemporary compositions among the trad. ( Norman Chalmers , Scotland on Sunday) ”
β€”  Norman Charmers, Scotland on Sunday
β€œ "theres an element of nostalgia that you tend to find only among longtime exiles... something different and charming" (Sarah McQuaid, Evening Herald reviewer) ”
β€”  Sarah Mc Quade, Evening Herald
"Album Of The Week" (Celtic Connections Radio, Glasgow) just one week after its release! " Album of the week on BBC Radio Scotland (Ian Anderson Show)
β€”  BBC Radio Scotland
"The album arrived yesterday and I am afraid I cant stop listening. Many thanks for this beautiful record" (Bernard Jean, Musiques Sans Frontieres, France)
β€”  Bearnard Jean, Musiques Sans Frontieres, France
"Using her strong, passionate voice to good effect" (Spectrum FM Radio, Australia)
β€”  Spectrum Radio Australia
β€œ "I've not heard many like her. Shes a wonderfully gifted performer, and a natural musician with an absolutely gorgeous voice. I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that she is going to become a great star." Dr Ian Green (Director Greentrax Scotland ”
β€”  Dr Ian Green, Greentrax Recordings
β€œBut Mary Kathleen Burke is singing to a different tune. She stands as an example of how paying your dues - a weary clich�n these days of instant celebrity status - brings its own rewards, but only if you have the talent to accompany the effort. Chris Holmes Author and Journalist”
β€”  Chris Holmes, Chris Holmes Author & Journalist
β€œAs Bob Dylan once sang, Things Have Changed, a satire on cynicism and a weary modern update on his hopeful The Times They Are A-Changin. ”
β€”  Chris Holmes, Chris Holmes Author & Journalist

Updated:  November 1, 2011

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