QUARTIERE LATINO Duet Quartiere Latino Resume

      The name "QUARTIERE LATINO" was born in 1991 as a male duo performing only in CafĂ© Concertos and open-air parties. The duo worked hectically for years till during summer 1998 a third member, Cinzia, joined in, and the duo became a trio called "QUARTIERE LATINO Band". The band turned to the Italian folk music style, entertaining and making people dance in the best known dancing clubs in Tuscany, driving the audience crazy with their busting mix of voices and music. Antonio and Cinzia, husband and wife since April 2000, in November 2002 set off for a new professional adventure: they started working part of the year aboard cruise ships and in the remaining months they went on performing for the audience which had been following them and dancing with their music for all these years. In 2003 they worked aboard the M/v European Vision of FESTIVAL CRUISES; afterwads they performed on land in various locations and now they perform exclusively aboard the MSC CRUISES' ships.

They have sailed through the oceans (South America, Northern Europe, UK and Shetland Islands), the Mediterranean and Black Sea (France, Spain, Corsica, Tunisia, Greece and Turkey) singing and playing their music and charming their audience with an enthralling and captivating sound but most of all with the perfect combination of Tony's and Cynthia's voices, now merging and now overlapping but always complementary!

The repertoire includes a wide range of music styles: American standards, country, line-dances, Italian and International easy listening, German music and ballroom dances.

Updated:  November 1, 2011

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