The Dreamers ''Spring Flower'' Duo Resume

       C.V. of “Spring Flower” duo

Being together on the stage for the last 7 years, along with other bands and performing in different genres, the members of ''Spring Flower” duo come to the idea of founding a brand new project. The line-up includes Prolet Ivanova-Etty-lead vocal and Tsvetelin Penkov-T.S.-guitar, vocal. They've always been trying to find their own approach to music by implying personality, passion and dedication to the performance. Forming a duo where each member has to show nothing but perfection ,due to having no extra members to hide behind ,may be considered as a big challenge to some but for the members of ''Spring Flower''duo this is just a step ahead on the path of art. They perform both acoustic and with backing tracks, depends of the venue. Their acoustic performance includes big variety of styles and genres from jazz standards through italian and spanish music up to modern pop hits arranged to be performed just acoustic-no backing tracks and overdubs-you hear what you see! Their ''backing tracks'' performance is suitable for lobby lounge and small clubs as well.

Updated:  May 5, 2014

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