Fiesta Tropicale Mihali Resume

      Fiesta Tropicale Band born in 1985 is based in Brisbane Australia They specialize in popular Latin Caribbean & Caribbean folk music. As well as being a great stage band, they are an extraordinary "ROVING" band with their tricycle "BandOnWheels" PA.
From duo to 4 piece + dancers, they are not just a good band, but individually great instrumentalists, performers, & all sing. Dancers involve audiences in Macarena, Limbo, and Conga Lines, & teach dance.
So if you like Son /Salsa, Cumbia, Mambo, Calypso, Ska, Samba, etc, & you like dancing & being happy, they have it for you, young & old.
They can pull out a few Bollywood hits, & some Italian & Mediterranean styles.
20+ International tours to Asia & Pacific including 5 star resorts & festival.
Look at the many YouTube videos [they don't lie], or read more at [ Fiesta Tropicale in Australia, not USA]

Updated:  January 18, 2024

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