Luís Nunes Resume

      Born on August 1976, Portimão Algarve Portugal.
Started learning accordion at 6 (1982), with a French teatcher, Eliane Nardonne.
VI Accordion Player Festival, in S. Bartolomeu Messines Algarve, 3rd place and youngest player.
1st appearance at Radio.

1987 - 1990
Shows in Cruises along Algarve.

Musician at Tuna Académica da Universidade Lusófona de Portimão In Veritas Marafadus Somus, with several shows in Portugal and a tour in Mozambique.

Musician at Estudantina Universitária de Lisboa, with several shows in Portugal, in major stages as Coliseu dos Recreios - Lisbon, Coliseu do Porto - Oporto, Teatro de S. Luiz, Aula Magna da Universidade de Lisboa, Theatro Circo - Braga, Teatro Municipal - Aveiro, Casa da Música, Oporto, and several more. Several tours around the world, as Leon, Salamanca, Madrid, Murcia at Spain, Hamburg Germany, Toronto Canada, Rabat - Morocco, Brazil (3 times, with tours for 21, 17 and 15 days), in South.
Tv shows in Portugal, at RTP, TVI and SIC. The show Gala do Sangue Latino, broadcasted at New year's Eve of 2005-2006 was the higgest moment.
Rock in Rio Lisbon.
In this group I was also Secretary, Financial Director, Maestro, Arragements, President and Artistic Advisor.
July 1997
Musician and Maestro at a Project, representing portugal in Macau, for a CIOFF organization, UNESCO.
2005 -
Musician at Pedro Frias Band and Mar de Fora.
2010 -
Musician for Raquel Peters, one of the best fado singers.

Em Viagem Estudantina Universitária de Lisboa, 3rd album.
Etnias Pedro Frias Band.
Onda de Luz Rozett.
La Salsichafobia de Marzapanne - Bert de Conninck.

Several jobs with the british producer Mike Myers

Updated:  November 14, 2011

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