Victoria Mordoch Resume

      A California native born on June 13 1989 at Ceders Sainai Hospital in Los Angeles, CA. Motivated by a musical family, she started playing guitar at the ripe age of 12 and began taking gigs at age 17.

After graduating from high school she went straight into the LA Music Academy guitar performance program. There, she studied under a number of well accomplished guitarists (Frank Gambale, Tariqh Akoni, Brad Rabuchin) and played in a number of ensembles with highly acclaimed musicians (Philip Bynoe, Joe Pocaro, and Ralph Humphrey just to name a few...). In 2009 she finished the guitar performance program. Because of her time at LAMA she is able to play and teach in all of the most popular genres of music; blues, rock, jazz, funk, and many other styles. After LAMA she continued her musical education and studied classical composition for 2 years at Santa Monica College and can write in the style of classical 4 part harmony using basic rules of counterpoint.

Apart from teaching she has played and is a current member in a number of local bands from Los Angeles. Sabrosa Purr (bass player), Conquistador (lead guitar), Pluto Set (ambient space rhythm and lead guitar), NY77 (funk rhythm and lead guitar).

Apart from the local projects around Los Angeles she is a part of, she also plays guitar for MASS Ensemble ( MASS is An internationally renowned performance group combining the creative talents of forward thinking artists of all kinds, musicians, composers, visual artists and choreographers. She is currently playing in a band with the head Artistic Director of MASS, Bill Close.

Updated:  November 15, 2011

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