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highly talented Musician

with extensive experience in entertaining live audiences in nightclubs, concert halls,

Piano Bars, Deep background in playing for live audiences.

More than twelve years of experience in music, Juan Carlos has travel around the

world with his music (Asia,Europe,Middle East,South America)playing for

Hotels,Cruises and Gigs.

Uncommon knowledge of music gained since early age,makes him able to perform a

diversity styles of music.Such as swing,latin,standards,ballads and bossanova.His

extensive repertoire is base on covers of various artists from different generes, like

Michael Bubble,Neil Diamond,Elton John,Bee Gees,Luis Miguel and others.

Profesional Experience 1993-Present

Sheraton Hotel (Argentina)

Yacht Golf Club (Paraguay)

The Coyote Night Club (USA)

Royal Caribbean Cruises (The Navigator,Legend of the Seas, The Explorer)

Maritims Hotel (Spain)

The Green Mug Restaurant (Spain)

Award for best teen voice in talent show contest in Paraguay (1993)

Updated:  November 18, 2011

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