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"Steve is an accomplished musician and singer. He and his wife have been ministering all around the area for many years. I would recommend Gospel Sounds Ministry for any Christian event."
Hi Steve and Apryl,
It was a pleasure to meet both of you and to spend time talking with you at Becky's house on Saturday night. I have heard a lot about you from my parents and they always have wonderful things to say about you. I am glad that I had an opportunity to meet you.

Your ministry on Sunday morning was a blessing to me and your message was truly inspirational. I have been going through some difficult times in my life recently and your message was what I needed to hear. I appreciate that you are obedient to God and you sang the songs that He put on your heart.
Love in Christ,
Suzanne M. Bash
Steve and Apryl caldwell have been preaching,ministering in music at Brockway Church of God since 1998 and have been a blessing to our whole church.
Pastor Dave Nagle
Thank you for your message on Sunday. It was a pleasure to sing along with you. So many want to come and just sing. You two come and want to "be part of us"! I liked that! On your website you have some songs that we can download and some we need to be online to listen to. I managed to download 3 songs, (not instrumentals). There was one song in particular, "Always A Child". By the time it was half through I had tears in my eyes--and I'm a man who will be 55yrs. old on June 16!  I sat at my computer and listened and I finally "got-it". The accent, it was Irish! I also enjoyed the fact that at the dinner, "you talked with me as if we were family"! (Well, we are,in a way, part of God's Family). Then there was the "energy" you put into your services-- it was contagious! So much so, that the following Thurs. when we went to Valley View Nursing Home to sing and mingle with the residents, I was still "running hard"! I can't wait until you come back! I will definately keep in touch with you! When you told me Apryl wanted to come back in June I was so anxious I called the Pastor right away! Come to think of it, that will make my birthday more joyful!  See you then, Your Brother in Christ, Bill Rook -- (nicknamed "Mr. Gadget")

You probably don't remember me but I used to be in Greenville, PA and you came and did a concert there while I was appointed there.  You were truly enjoyed as I recall.  If you will recall I had to pick you up because your van broke down.

Anyway I am now the CO in Huntingdon, PA which is close to Altoona and I have been trying to find your number.  I would greatly appreciate your coming to Huntingdon to do a concert for us.  Could you please give me a
call and let me know what dates you would be available?  I have been telling everyone here about you so they have heard many stories. I do hope you will be available to come to Huntingdon. Captain Sharon. Salvation Army Greenville,pa

Gospel Sounds Duet has been approved by the Salvation Army as an Evangelistic Team in the Eastern, Southern and Western Territories. 

I have had the pleasure of being associated with Steve & Apryl Caldwell for nearly two years....I would recommend, without reservation, the Caldwell family for musical ministry in your local church.   - Bishop Joseph E. Bass, Jr. - Prince of Peace Church of God in Christ - Altoona PA

Our church has enjoyed the music ministry of Steve and Apryl on a number of occasions....Their music is easy to listen to and carries a fine gospel message. - Pastor Billy Aurandt - Bedford Street Bible Church - Claysburg, PA

Thank you so much for coming to our evening service.  Your music and fire for God is amazing and it touched our hearts.  The light of the Lord shines through you and your ministry is truly inspiring - Your girls (Jr. & Sr. High) Pennwood Bible Church - Everett, PA

Steve and Apryl's singing is an expression of their love, joy and commitment in the Lord Jesus Christ.  All the Glory goes to God....The only thing we don't like is...they have to leave when the program is over.  - Rev. Elizabeth Jameison - Calvary Community Baptist Church, Franklin PA

...For a Sunday night, we had a much larger than normal crowd.  People who would not normally come, came to hear the music...What meant the most to me, was the invitation.  The Spirit of God was there and seven souls were won to the Kingdom of Heaven that night.  They have since followed the Lord Jesus in believers baptism and have become members of the church....I don't know much about music, but the Lord used Steve and Apryl that night in a mighty way through their music...I know that their hearts' have the Lord Jesus first and that the most important thing is seeing souls won for the Kingdom. - Pastor George Sanders - Altoona First Southern Baptist Church - Altoona, PA  

Updated:  August 24, 2013

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