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Dropzone band had its start 12 years ago in Montreal, Canada

Seven members from four different Countries, Dropzone is currently Louis Harris, band leader and vocalist from Atlanta, United States of America, Patrice Watkins vocalist from Texas, United States of America, Tanya Asaki vocalist from Toronto, Canada, Drummer Lance Woodman from Cape Town, South Africa, Bassist Warren Freeman from Toronto, Canada, Keyboardist Romeo Alexander from Trinidad & Tobago and Guitarist Maurice Smith from Jamaica.

All members have brought the flavor and uniqueness of their
cultural background to help make Dropzone currently one of the most successful and sought after international bands on the Asian circuit.
Well known for their energy and liveliness onstage, Dropzone injects fun and excitement into their performances, captivating audiences everywhere.

Dropzone has performed extensively in South East Asia
And the Middle East since it's inception in 1999
And has entertained audiences in Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macau, Thailand, Dubai to name a few.

Dropzone has recently concluded a very successful three months performing at the Hilton Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

Updated:  November 21, 2011

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