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      Emil Nikolov
94 Hristo Botev blvd. floor 2, flat 4; Sofia 1202, Bulgaria
Contacts: +359(2)9315971; Mobile: +359889351560
Email: emilnikoloff@yahoo.com

Throughout the years I have been working in the entertainment industry I have been employed by a number of cruise ship companies such as Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Viking Line, Tallink Line, Stena Line, Silija Line, Sun Cruise Line, Salamis Cruise Line, Royal Olympic Cruise Line and Celebration Cruise Line. Having been assigned to a number of positions such as band leader, guitarist and singer I have acquired experience in the type of entertainment needed on cruise ships.

Meanwhile, I have also been in a number of performances in hotels across Europe such as Sheraton, Ritz and Hilton where I was involved in a show programme as a performer and a presenter.

In addition to my experience on cruise ships and a number of variety shows, I have been employed by the National Big Band of Radio Sofia as a guitarist, enhancing my abilities as a musician. I have also travelled in Europe on tour while I was a member of a band, performing on concerts.

Another proof of my skills as a musician is the fact that I have recorded music with a number of singers and other bands in studios and live.

Due to my extensive experience I have developed a great repertoire including a broad range of music styles such as pop, rock, soul music, swing and jazz.

Higher National Diploma from Arts School guitar, vocals, composition and arrangement

My degree focuses not only on playing guitar and the essence of music but also on musical composition and arrangements which have proved to be quite useful on tours with my band or on my own.

Presenting skills - besides being a performer strictly as a musician, in my previous employment history I have hosted a number of show programmes, where I had to keep an audience interested and entertained for a prolonged period of time.

Creativity having taught music to children, I had to invent innovative ways for the students to understand the material, which on the other hand can be quite helpful when being a solo entertainer who has to attract an audience's attention.

Communicative and organizational skills having been the leader of a band I had to work with a number of people and keep in touch with an even greater amount of contacts, I have improved my communicative and social skills. In addition I have also developed good organizational skills due to my engagement to organize a group of musicians and other performers.

Updated:  November 22, 2011

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