Minden Duisa Cloete Resume

      I Started music at Church thereafter joined a Youth Choir at a very young age of 13 years
Music was facilitated by a well known composers like Mr A Doeseb, Mr DN //Hoabeb, Mr J Francis and Rev. PH Kisting
Coming from a family of Brass Quintets, at a age of 8 years. I picked up a trumpet and started learning but stop at the age of 12 due to dental problems and started to learn Keyboard and played for the Youth Choir
I started the trumpet lessons in 1997 with Mr J Francis at the Moses van der Byl School and in 2003 at the KCAC and also took Theory Classes under Mr J Moyo
During 2003 I joined the Keyboard Classes in 2003 under Mr D Eiseb and also the Percussion/Drum-Kit Introductory Course under Mr Salex Haraseb at the KCAC/Private Drum lessons with Mr J !Hoaseb
During 2005 I assisted Voluntarily at the KCAC as Brass Tutor and upon the retirement of Mr J Francis took over his duties
I am currently doing - Jazz Piano at COTA (Mr P !Hoa-Khaob
- Trumpet at Mr B Mohr
- Music Theory Ms W Schinder
I do have years of Choir Leading experience and of Choir Conducting
I was also chosen as Conductor by the Otjmuise Brass Band which operates under the Auspices of the Lutheran Brass Band better known as the LBB's in 2006 -2007
I am also part of the COTA Wind Band that was formed in 2009 by Mr Boris Mohr
2005 to 2009 teaching experience of Brass (Trumpets, Tubas, Trombones and Horns)
In 2005 I started undergoing Music Workshops of NAEP at the College of the Arts and completed exams which I obtained (Grades),
I am also teaching at an Academy in Soweto known as TANAS @ Tanidare Church as part of my Outreach Programmes
I am currently running a Project aimed at reaching out to the community, the Joy Divine Singers a Gopel performing group also started in 2005

Updated:  November 25, 2011

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