Eli Holder Resume

      Eli is a 32 year old unsigned artist origionally from South London.

At the age of 3 he and one of his brothers were left in a police station and were then taken into care. He grew up in a number of foster homes in and around the U.K

Eli grew up listening and plays to a number of different music genres including:Reggae, Soul, R&B, HipHop,Dance,PoP,House and Garage,Acid, Hardcore and many others.

At the age of thirteen Eli attended his first rave which was Jungle/Drum&bass.

Thats when he began to have a passion for Mc-ing. He would copy the lyrics of Stevie Hyper D R.I.P and others, before writing his own.

In his late teens/early twenties he got a feel for U.K House and Garage, He would approach promoters in the clubs and ask if he could jump on the mic or dj. Some agreed and some declined.

In 1999 he attended a club night at the gas club in london where he met Shifty, Tricky and RG. They were the managers of an underground radio station called Flashback. He managed to talk his way into a regular slot.

Before he knew it he had a weekly show, which would lead to him becoming a dj.

After the millenium he decided to give Mc-ing a break and started playing records instead. He was one of the first djs on a all garage station to start playing Hip Hop and R&B.

Along with an old skool pal he started playing R&B/HipHop Instrumentals and rapping over them. This proved very popular with the listeners.

Eli began getting bookings left right and centre from a whole host of promoters. He was finding his names on flyers for raves such as Ben and Jerrys, Climax, all flashback raves plus others.

After a good few years Eli is now writing new music and dj-ing with influences from a wide range of genres. Check out his debut single

(Damaged goods) and look out for other material in the pipeline.

Eli is available to come and play at your club/bar event right away for any length of time.

Updated:  May 9, 2012

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