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Return Gifts: Depending upon the age group we can make an exciting goodie bag e.g. birthday caps , masks , piggy box , pencil set , diary , Tiffin box , water bottle, Make Up Kits, Wallets etc .
As Event Planner: D.J (Disk Jockey), Bubbles & Balloon Decoration, Photographer, Disco Lights, gifts inside Balloons arranged for Shooting.
D.J (Disk Jockey): Booming Experience of Thrilling Sound and Music Touches Your Heart, Arrived Specially For Music Lovers. Digital D J Presents Marvelous Instrumental Bits Suitable For Your every Occasions D J Party, Engagements, School Picnics & Annual Day Celebrations, Corporate Events, Product launches, Theme Party, Fashion Show, Celebrities Visit, Product Launch, Live Marriage Songs, Fatana, Varghodo/Aswarohan/Fuleku, Reception, Quinceanera, Sweet 16, Dance Party, Birthday Party, Children Party, Couple Party, Anniversary, Kitty Party, Surprise Party, Shatyanarayan Karha Sangeet, Randal Mata’s Geet, Bhajan, Kirtan, Vastu, Simant, Sugam Sangit Sandhya, Gazal Sandhya, Garba, Dandiyaras(Stick-Strokes-Dance), Hinch, Bhangda, Hip-Hop, Fusion and Surely Remix. Just Call Any Time +91 9998721491, 9879033673, 9228396382, 02862212491     
Bubbles: Our Bubble Machine Attract Guests Specially Kids.
Balloon: Our Balloon Comes From Malaysia. Balloon color themes can be selected on the basis of themes. entry gate increase look of the entire place.
 Games: As Game Host We will organise on the spot & interactive games for kids, adults, interact and create excitement.
Dancer Troops: We Provide Various Dancer Troops like Belly Dancers, Arabian Dancers, Pole Dancers, Russian Dancers, Bollywood item Dancers, Foreigner Salsa Dancers, Turkish Dancers, Ukraine Dancers, Egyptian Dancers, Dancers from Hungry Also!        
About us: We are in this field sins 1997 and have organised umpteen number of functions As professional DJ/Event Planner Worked at Various Cities Across India  like Ahmadabad, Amritsar, Chennai, Goa, Mumbai, Rajkot, Porbandar (2009 Lok Mela-Chowpati Ground, Fashion Show –Birla hall-Inner Wheel Club, Sharad poonam –Sudama Chowk. Etc. See it on youtube.com/havanthanki )
For any type of celebration please contact us. Please Feel Free For Any Query!
Rate will depend on Date, time, Place, Project Specifications and deadlines.

Career Track

0. Passed 10th in the year of 2004
1. 1 Year Course in computer science at (Lakhotia computer centre)
Porbandar with A grade.
2. Advanced Diploma in Multimedia Design Application in (Arena
Multimedia) 2/8/1999 to 3/8/2000
(C1) Paint Brush (C2) Adobe illustrator (C3) Adobe Photoshop (C4) 3D Studio
3. Computer Hardware skill formation and Entrepreneurship Development
program The Centre Entrepreneurship Development Gandhinagar
, Government of Gujarat Certified 24/1/2001to23/3/2001
(D1) De Assembling PC (D2) Assembling PC (D3) Faultfinding (D4)
Upgrading (D5) Servicing
4. Manual Animation at Ahmadabad from Mr  Hindol (E1) 2D Animation
with sketching
(E2) 2D Animation with Computer
5. At Home with Books (F1) Maya (7.o) (F2) 3D Studio R4 (F3) Photoshop
10 CS 3(F4) Aver magic (F5) Amorphyiam (F6) Amapi 3D (5.0) (F7) Adobe
6. Photography and Video shooting (R. K. Studio) (G1) Photo mixing
(G2) Video mixing (G3) Dubbing and title

Professional Experience:
As Trainer of Multimedia at Aptech Computer Education, I Taught 93
Students (Porbandar)
Instructor of Multimedia at Uday institute of Multimedia (Porbandar)
Taught Computer Hardware at Sumati Mahila Mandal, (Porbandar)
Logo/ Creative Designer for the following companies
Scitrex Graphics -graphics expert (Rajkot)
Prakash colour lab -lab technician (Ahemdabad)
Mazda Imaging -image creationist (Mumbai)
Steps production-Chief Designer (Chennai)
Hotel Kumar International-D J Manager (Amritsar)
Hotel Krishna Park-D J/Event Manager (Rajkot)
Majorda Beach Resort-In House D.J (Goa)

PC Platform Used: IBM "Desktop, apple- Macintosh, laptop also.

Still Camera Used: NIKON D70, CANON 350D, FUJI s7000 (fine pix), NIKON

Camcorder Used: Sony Handy Cam, Panasonic MD 9000, 65 3CCD, Panasonic camcorder (NV GS 400 3CCD)

Equipments I Personally Have and Use for Business:
(A) HP external CD writer
(B) HP desk jet Printer
(C) Monarch Smart print (photo printer)
(D) Dazzle Capture Card
(E) Sony handy cam
(F) Nokia 9300 (Communicator = Internet + Cell Phone)
(G) H C L Laptop Y2002
(H) HP All in one scanner printer
(I) Asus Eee PC 904HD
(J) Fuji camera fine pix (S9600)

Nature: calm, Out-going, friendly, cheerful, Talkative, fluent communicators, enthusiastic, pleasant, Like to be noticed, extrovert, more creative, adventurous, highly confident, Outspoken, controlled,  emotionally adjusted, Determined, Dependable, reliable, Warm and friendly, careful, precise, perfectionists, Independent and Flexible.

Personal Skills:
Always an eye for detail, Ability to work under pressure and tight deadlines, Leadership
Qualities, Imagination and Creative Ideas, Fast learner,
Self-motivated, Positive, Technology and Process Oriented. Friendly,
co-operative manner, Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, Convincing Power, Organizational Skills, Highly Focused, Challenge Seeker and Result
Oriented, Determined, Self-confident, Flexible and Hardworking

Career Summary: Specialist: 12+ years of Experience strong working
knowledge of Managing creative project with Focus on the user
experience, attention to detail, and Absolute commitment to high
quality for all Deliverable. My responsibilities are to create
Conceptualization. I Start Working on an event that’s a year away and still executing as if were about to occur tomorrow. Create monthly, weekly goals and stick to them. Managing the overall budget for each event, I will pay attention to customer and will try my best to serve their demand. Manage all social media, growing Facebook & Twitter accounts for each event and increasing our brand presence in these markets.

Respected Sir/Madam, Thanks for Giving Me Wonderful Opportunity, I Will
Always become meaningfully faithful with you. I will also provide dancers.
If you have a question that is not answered, or if you want clarification,
please feel free to contact me.

I wish you will satisfy by seeing my resume and you tube video of my work.
Please inform me as soon as possible that when are you sending me visa of
your country and advanced money for air tickets booking.  You can call me on
trial basis. I expect around 2500 US$ per Month - negotiable.
My bank details are given billow.

Name: dimple b thanki
Bank Name: bank of india
Address: kamla baug branch,
A/C no: 332310110000133

yours Sincerely

HAVAN.(dimple) B. THANKI

Q1 Describe a situation when you had a challenging customer and the steps you took to make them happy.

A1 an old Age Woman Asked Me for A Song Which I Did Not Had in My Collection. Later On I Played Games with Audience to Play Their Favorite Song, I Started Asking Do You Have XYZ Song To Impress Your Partner Meanwhile I Asked That Woman’s Favorite Song, One Guy Raise Hand, When I Played That Song old Age Woman Started Dancing And She Gave Me A Smile Showing That She was Satisfied With My Effort.
See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWbXlSqolaE     

Q2 Tell me about a difference of opinion that you and your supervisor had, and how did you resolve it.
A2 always stay calm so, ones when my boss of Krishna Park asked how you will market at college any one will not allow you to do so. After this challenge I went to many college at first I asked some students who is your coolest teacher they answered Mr. X is the one and I Respectfully asked is it good time to meet you, At first I disclosed that many student of your college Considered you as you are the coolest teacher Then I explained my details to him and he agreed the same time to ask principal about planning a small tour at Krishna Park and we had 347 visitors next week from the same college. My boss was happy. Afterwards my strategy worked many time.

Updated:  December 6, 2011

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