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I'm Wichitra Yuythaisong. my nick name is Pui, 23 year old. I just finished college on 2011 March, Bachelor degree in Southeast asian studies. And now, I live in Bangkok, Thailand.

I have passion in singing and i find out it is the most thing I want to do in my life. I've been singing since I was young and I'm a vocal of university's band which is plays various kind of music like rock, pop, jazz, country, disco, latin...

I still singing with the university's band even I finished college. I can sing pop, rock, ballad, jazz, country.
I attached one of my youtube video that I recorded in my free time, I did not record when I was on stage singing, it's kinda rare for me.

Three months ago I was a singing teacher but I found out that is not a job I really want to do, I like teaching children but singing is in my soul, so I quit last month and seriously started searching for a singing job.

I don't mind to do a job another country, I love to journey. I was in USA for four months (March - July, 2011) for a student exchange program and worked as a blackjack dealer at Nugget hotel and Casino in West Wendover, Nevada. I had fun with the new experience I got. And wish I could work in another country, so I also learn a new cultural and to see the world :)

This is a short story about me and my passion for singing. I would really appreciated if you offer me a good singing job.

Yours Sincerely
Wichitra Yuythaisong

Bangkok, Thailand
December 26, 2011

Updated:  December 26, 2011

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