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“Duo Lucian” group was founded in 2002. The band is made up of Lucian Cantea (vocal & keyboards) & Gabriela Ciurariu(vocal and flute).
Our repertory is multiple because we know from our experience that we have to perform in different languages: Italian, Spanish, French, English, Turkish,Greek,Serbian,Germany.
We have a versatile repertoire that includes Pop, Country, Evergreen, Classical, Jazz, Rock & Roll, R&B, Reggae, Calipso, Merengue, Latin, Disco, Dance and Ballads.
Professional, international Hi-Tech Duo,we are mobile, flexible and suitable for hotel lounges, hotels bars, pubs, restaurants, cruise lines, holiday centres, international club circuit, etc.
“Duo Lucian” has performed at the seaside in Romania, Frankfurt - Germany , Turkey ,Dubai-UAE,Doha-Qatar,Oman,Egipt-Sharm el Sheyk and Cyprus-Paphos!
Since we are an experienced group we wish to collaborate with a good number of managers from different countries .

Updated:  December 29, 2011

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