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My name is Piotr Kizior and I was born in Poland in the city of Łódź.
In Łódź I started my musical education at the age of seven at a violin department in a school of music. I continued my musical education in high school and in the Academy of Music. In high school, I took part in my first tour to Vienna, accompanied by a symphony orchestra. In Vienna, I competed in the International Youth Music Festival and I won the first prize. I also had the opportunity to play a concert in the Philharmonic Hall in Vienna.

At the beginning of my studies I closely co-operated with the Orchestra of Polish TV & Radio conducted by Henryk Debich. I performed with an excellent chamber music group named Pro Musica, conducted by Zbigniew Frieman. We performed many concerts in Europe and won many prizes, including the Gold Medal of Herbert von Karajan. In addition, I took part in the International Youth Music Festival in Olsztyn, Weikersheim and Siedlce playing in symphony orchestras. Also, I went on tour to Italy with the orchestra of the Academy of Music. I co-operated closely with the Łódź Symphony and Grand Theatre. We often toured Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

I have taken part in plays performed in various drama theatres, including the Jaracza Theatre, the New Theatre, the 7:15 Theatre and Studyjny Theatre, where I had the chance to work with many famous Polish actors. Also, I performed music in these theatres, composed by Zbigniew Preisner, a world famous composer.
I worked in a school of music as a teacher in a violin class.

I was granted a scholarship by a world famous violin player end educator, Tadeusz Wroński. I have closely co- operated with the Symphony Orchestra of Płock for several years. I have performed chamber music in a piano duo, trio, and quartet.
At the beginning of the 90's, I came up with my own trio called Trio Classic, which includes a violin, a piano (Aleksandra Jędraszczyk) and a cello (Eva Monkiewicz). We performed in many concerts and music broadcasts, as well as taken part in several vernissages. We toured to the to Bangkok, where we became well known.

Between 2001 2002, I worked for American company, Celebrity Cruises, where I toured in Europe, America, and Mexico. We played on two of their ships: Century and Galaxy.

I am a member of the Swiss Festival Orchestra Hełvetica, run by a world famous conductor Grzegorz Nowak. Currently, I am composing music for a film. In 2008 and 2009 year I performed with my Trio Classic in Dubai .

Updated:  January 3, 2012

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