When success is counting on the necessary elements for triumph…Success cannot wait”

This is the case of Alex Del Sol, an artist born in Habana, Cuban. As many other artists, as a young boy he knew he wanted to be a great artist some day. Motivated by his artistic dreams and innate musical talent, he fought to obtain a complete musical formation.

He's a Pianist who graduated from La Escuela Nacional de Instructores de Arte, in Cuba and studied Jazz at the University level with the renowned Professor Sanfer Gold.

Alex Del Sol also plays the accordion. During his first years, he performed with local groups like Orchestra Exito, Groupo Amanacer, and others. In his epoch as a composer, he had the opportunity to record and incorporate his theme by performing in the Banda Sonora, of the movie, “The Last Playing Out”. Adding this experience to his desires to triumph is what supports his career as a Pianist, Singer and Composer. This allows him to situate himself as a new alternative to the general population. Alex Del Sol has performed in various renowned night clubs in Miami, Texas, Puerto Rico and many more.

Alex Del Sol was contracted by Caiman Records along with other artists where he was adopted with the name, Manuelle Alejandro and signed by the producer Gustavo Marque, he then became the renowned composer of “Para Siempre”.

“Para Siempre” was an album with fresh tropical aromas and an allure of POP taken to Salsa with light, fun and contagious melodies.

Alex Del Sol is an artist versatile in many different musical genders. He now presents a new romantic album with song including known artists, giving it a unique interpretation.

Alex Del Sol, “The Piano Man”, is a without a doubt, a “One Man Show”!

Call for booking: (786) 970-8069

Updated:  January 5, 2012

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