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CXP Talent Search

Circle X Productions is seeking musicians for an online collaborative rock group.

Talents sought:

Guitarists (electric, acoustic, bass)
Drums (Analog or high-quality programs i.e. BFD)
Keys (MIDI authoring, analog, classic, arps)
Manager / Promoter
Specialty services (vocal tuning, beat creation, webmaster/designer)

Audition Procedures:

Musicians can either send a standard music file (i.e. .mp3) or direct us to a link where your music is posted.

Musicians must be able to record their tracks and supply a hi-res (24/48 minimum 24/88.2 recommended) .wav file to the producer.

Non-musicians should submit a simple description of your intentions. Include how you will help the group and cite examples of your work if appropriate.

Listen to the demo songs posted on the links below. We will be creating an album from scratch. Will and Dena are the leads for this project.

For information on Dena and Will, go to www.circlexproductions.com

For music demos go to www.soundclick.com/circlexproductions

Contact Will at circlexproductions@gmail.com for more information.

CXP has a full-featured studio for professional mixing and mastering the project.

Updated:  January 8, 2012

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