David Hollandsworth Resume

      I compose production music for film, TV, videos, ads, radio, etc. I also sell my music for personal use on CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon and other places. In addition, I also custom compose music for special needs. Thanks so much!

As a child, David grew up listening to instrumental music; from Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass to Grofé's "Grand Canyon Suite" to contemporary jazz such as John Klemmer, Dave Grusin and Earl Klugh. At age 17 he began playing guitar but in his early 20s was eventually drawn to the piano. In the early 1980s, influenced by labels such as Windham Hill and Narada he began composing piano pieces just for fun. It wasn't until 2008 that he seriously began recording his compositions at home and making them available to the public. His influences run from George Winston. David Lanz, Yanni, Pink Floyd, Tangerine Dream and many other instrumental artists.

Updated:  April 26, 2013

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