Torrey Stadtner Resume

       My first instrument was the Harmonica. My favorite teachers hot off the vinyl, were John Mayall, Bob Dylan, and Taj Mahal.
Then I learned the recorder at the University of the Pacific with Dan Gounlaght. I began my oboe with Bob Davis. Then, I played with Ted Bonkowski for 13 years.
I have been to Lark Camp 3 times. I mainly played middle eastern, classical and English country Dancing.
I have been to 3 IDRS conventions and have heard some of the best oboe and bassoon players in the world.
I have played in the Stockton youth orchestra 2 years.
I have played in the Quail Lake's Baptist Church Orchestra for 3 years.
I have played in the Dance Macabre' for 6 years.Recorder and bone'phone.
I played at the Novato Renaissance fair for the Belly Dancers at the Caravan stage 1984,5,and 6. Playing all your favorites, such as Habinna Habinna, and Raks Mustafa....
I have played for 6 weddings, mostly , French Baroque.
Fianlly, I have been playing in the Alpine Chamber Players for 25 years with Rita Wilcox, Cecil Rendon, Dorothy Klisevic, Karen Dalstrin, Joaan Bates, and Miru on the Bass.

Updated:  November 3, 2010

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