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We are Natural Duo - Delyana Mircheva ( piano,keyboard, vocal ) and Rosen Neshkov ( guitar, vocal ).

Delyana was born 7.07.1982 in Plovdiv city ( Bulgaria ). She strated ot play piano when she was six years old. She has a proffesional music education - Music School in Plovdiv ( Bulgaria ) with piano, Music Academy In Plovdiv ( Bulgaria ) with specialities: Music Pedagogic - with piano, and Instrumental Atr - piano master class by prof. Georgi Kunev. She has participated in many master classes of very famous classical pianists prof. Bengamin Ravitz ( Izrael ), prof. Tamara Poddubnaya ( Russia ), prof. Viktor Chuchkov ( Bulgaria ), prof. Anna Petrova ( Austria ), prof. Pancho Vladigerov gunior ( Bulgaria ), John Perry ( USA ), prof. Vlad Dimulescu ( Romania ), prof. Marianele Fernandes ( Austria ) and singers, in national and international competitions and festivals also. She makes recitals including with Symphony orkester ( Pazardghik Bulgaria ). She has a many concerts like a solo piano player and singer.

Rosen was born 25.10.1968 in Pleven city ( Bulgaria ). He started to play guitar when he was nine years old. He has a profesional music education also - Music School in Pleven ( Bulgaria ) with speciality - tamboura. He has worked like a solo guitar player in concerts. He expresses hisself the strongest like a solo guitar player and composer in a famouse rock and big band in Bulgaria, what has published author album in rock sound ( 2007 ).

Natural Duo has a very good professonal experience like a duo and like a part of other bands - classical and pop. The Duo has worked in many countries in five stars hotels and ships: Norway, Demark, Finland, Sweden, England, Holand, Dubai, Switzerland, Morocco, Turkey, Greece Island, Bulgaria. Natural Duo can propose a rich and various reprtoire: pop music, evergreens, jazz standarts, latin music, country, reggae, rock & roll.

Contact us: Delyana: 00359/898 87 80 82
skype: subito_piano
email address:
Rosen: 00359/884 633 841
skype: ro.rock
email address:

Languages: English

Updated:  February 20, 2013

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