Lucas Mathias Kreling Da Silva Resume

      Lucas Mathias was born in Porto Alegre, Brasil in 1983, raised in Rio. He has rennounced a promissing carrier as a doctor to dedicate his life for music. Self- learner musician and spoken person. He also works as an French and English teacher in his country. Playing in bars sice he was 16 years old he has already made 7 independent albums and performed and many fancy hotels in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Minas Gerais. With an amazing perfect accent Lucas Mathias encahnt his audience by interpretating the best of the world`s most famous song ever, as: Franck SInatra, Edith Piaf, Carlos Gardel, Charles Aznavour, Tom Jobim, Luis Armstrong, Ray Charles,many others. Despite not playing the piano he perfecly fits in any sophisticated enviroment with his smooth nylon guitar playing and soft voice.His latests authoral works are a DVD in which hes versionize Popular Brazilian songs in to french, and a couple of song co-writing with the british artist Samantha Heard-London.Highly prepared for formal situations he dosenĀ“t drink alchool neither smokes,

Updated:  January 19, 2012

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