Oliver Soos Resume

Oliver Soós also known as DJ Oliver S.A.L.T. started his career in 2006 in a small underground café called Mint, where he was entertaining each Friday night the audience of approximately 80 - 100 people with great success.

He got his first musical impression at a very young age from his father, who is a well-known musician in Hungary. While listening to his father's jazz, soul and funk vinyls, he decided to devote his life to music.

At first he studied to play drums and percussion from his father, then during his teenage years due to the impact of the revolution of electronic music, he determined to amuse people from behind the turntables.

He performed in several places such as the beautiful island of Malta, and in the capital of Europe, London. He has shown his talent in small clubs, after parties and in privately organised events.

Nowadays he participates in organising several party series in the capital city of Hungary, Budapest.
Chillaxing Lounge at nice coffeshops, Deep house in small clubs and bars, and of course groovie, funky, danceable
Soulful and Tech House in the big Discotheques.

His success remains in his respect to the 70s, 80s hits, just as well as the new sounds The great atmosphere of the party is guaranteed without considering any groups, due to his positive appearance and his excellent communication skills with the audience.

Updated:  January 21, 2012

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