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Frankie Munoz Votetours touring the world. Seeking Dynamic female Singesr. R/B, Pop. Join the tours. Showcasing Las Vegas. New York, Miami, Cali and the world.See

Frankie Munoz has helped artists and bands from all over the world perform at Madison Square Garden, BB kings, La Bar Bat, China Club, Discotheque, Acme Underground & CBGB's Lounge. Aside from his own career as Las Vegas romantic love song singer, impersonator of Johnny Mathis, Mr. Munoz has dedicated his life in helping artists and bands find their way into the music industry and show industry. Striving to connect artists with record labels, agents, managers, producers, and many other industry companies. Frankie Munoz also gives artists insight into the music industry with seminars and lectures. He brings professionals from major record labels to educate artists and bands about the music industry and what they need to do to take it to the next level. He also helps build artists that have special talent and sends them on tours around the world. Some say he is the light to an up and coming artists.

To quote Mr. Munoz, "Each of us is searching for something in this world, especially if you have talent. Up and coming artist want to be heard. My job is to help them get that brake. I remember as a child there was someone who believed in my talents, that was my mother and school teachers. I know what that feeling is and I just want to give back what was given to me. For each and every talent out there, go for your dreams and never look back. Talent is a gift and you don't want to wait too long to express your gifts to the world. If you have the talent, then no one can stop you with the desire in your heart. You must fulfill that feeling until you feel you have gotten where you want to be. If you see a chance, take it no matter what. Don't think too hard on it, just go for it. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do it. For anything that you want in life you must make a mighty leap''.

Vote tours Music festival performs at the different Cities. We will be showcasing artists in a diverse range of genres, including R&B, Pop, country, Jazz, Gospel, Hip Hop hip rap, etc., and as well as top bands. The Vote Tours Music festival will be in Las Vegas and continue through a variety of locations such as LA in September and New York City at Madison Square Garden in November. Vote tours International Music Festival went on for the first time April 2nd, 2003 in NYC at Madison Square Garden. It was a major success filled with industry representatives, press and media. Unsigned singers with exceptional talent came from all over the world, Europe, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China and from all parts of the United States. As with the great success of the Vote tours Music festival, the Las Vegas festival will be bigger and better. The showcase will provide a platform for music professionals in which they can discover, develop and
promote innovative talent.

What can the festival do for you

If you have talent then we look to push you as far as you can go. We choose certain talent that manifest what we are looking for. Record labels sad to say are not really signing artists like years ago. Most of them don't have the buget. Their using independent labels to create new artists but new artists are creating themselves with lyric and beats. We live in a ago of pure technoloy regarding the digital ago. Major Labels seem to devote funds into promotion and distribution.

What is your goal

Okay now your in a music festival. You are battling for an award which is good. Competiion against others tell you where you stand and what you need to do. Everyone cannot win an award or there would be no competition. If you win great. If you lose it means you have to work harder and get more feeback as to what is going on in the music world.

Updated:  January 24, 2012

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