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       Alexander Nelson was born in Hong Kong to violinist Gina Bagnoli and contra basoonist Kerby Nelson, who both were performing in the Hong Kong symphony. From the age of three, Alex was educated and trained in classical music on the violin and piano. His mother taught violin using the Suzuki method and Alex was expected to practice daily. Along with his parents and sister, Alex moved Pennsylvania when he was four years old.
In the United States, Alex continued his violin training until he was eight. He lost interest in the violin and soon became fascinated with guitar. “I knew I wanted to play the guitar since I first started to explore the blues and classic rock.” - Alex. He soon began guitar lessons with John Pecanno, a local teacher. Alex states, “John showed me the basics of guitar and more importantly provided a relaxed and creative place to grow and truly enjoy playing music.”. Alex decided to pursue music not only as a passion, but as a career when he was fifteen. He bought a classical guitar and learned to read music while improving his technique. That same year, he sent a recording to Duquesne University in Pittsburgh and received a full scholarship to their Guitar and Bass workshop.
Alex began taking lessons with P.H.D. John Marcinizyn to further his knowledge of classical guitar. Around the same time, he took great interest in acoustic singer/songwriters such as James Taylor, Neil Young, and John Denver. While taking lessons with John Marcinizyn, who is affiliated with Carnegie Mellon, Alex was exposed to college level repertoire, music theory studies, and college recitals at local Pittsburgh universities. In the summer of 2010, Alex attended the Five Week Summer Program at Berklee College of Music. In Boston, he was exposed to some of the most talented teachers and musicians in the country. He took courses in musicianship, sight-reading, theory, vocal technique, and songwriting. He received high scores in his classes. Alex says, “I experienced incredible talent at Berklee, and it taught me that technique and advanced playing is not the only thing that matters to be a musician. You have to reach out to people and affect them emotionally and personally.”.
Alex moved to Phoenix, AZ in the summer of 2011 in search of musical opportunity. He played local venues and soon attracted the attention of a music manager/agent. Alex began working with Joseph Lee of WCL music shorty after their meeting. Alex states, “Joseph has taught me about the business side of music and the professionalism that a career musician needs to carry.”. While working with Joseph, Alex has performed in Las Vegas and multiple venues in the Phoenix area. Timmy Barton has been another musical influence on Alex. Timmy is an established pianist who has been gigging on cruise ships for eight years. Most recently, Alex has continued gigging and teaching in the Phoenix metropolitan area.
Music has and continues to play a central role in Alex's life. He says, “Music is my life, and I cannot imagine what I would be doing without it”. Alex offers an in depth and extensive classical guitar repertoire with a wide selection of covers by well-known singer-songwriters.

Updated:  January 25, 2012

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