Jeanne Olsen Resume

      Jeanne Olsen is a dynamic American vocal artist whose voice has been described as "sensual, soulful and smoky." She creates a rare and intimate atmosphere during her performances, sharing her love of music while captivating her audience. Whether singing in a theatre, lounge or concert hall, Jeanne's passionate performance draws her audience into her soul and gives them her greatest gift -- her beautiful contralto voice.

Drawing on life experiences in South America to North America, from Asia to Africa, Jeanne's brilliance as an artist enchants her public in a variety of languages and genres. Her vast repertoire is a compilation of Mexican boleros, French ballads, jazz standards and the American classics. Whether performing solo accompanied by piano or guitar or when collaborating with other musicians in a combo, Jeanne's powerful vocal renditions are always exciting, emotional, and compelling.

Updated:  April 1, 2015

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