Jessica Moore Resume

      Notable bands that I have played drums as a member of.

Big Tomorrow - Kansas City area 95-02
Alternative rock band playing Christian oriented music. Performed in coffee houses, churches and festival type events including Kansas City's Spirit Festival.

Ludikrus Behavior - Kansas City based. 89-92
Punk metal band play list was majority original. Covers by: the Damned, Motorhead, Iggy Pop. Played larger clubs and concert type venues.

The Insouls - Kansas City based. 87-89
Alternative rock covers and originals. Played clubs in the Westport club area and other venues.

The Watchmen - Kansas City based 84-88
Classic rock cover band. Played venues around the area. Played multiple events with 101 the Fox fm radio station including outdoor downtown Kansas City Fox birthday party. House band at bar in Kansas.

Favorite Bands to listen to: the Damned, Family Force Five,Disturbed, Bad Religion, Reverend Horton Heat, Lady Gaga, the Rezilos, the Dickies, the Misfits, the Who, Led Zeppelin, Blondie, the Clash, the Ramones, No Doubt, Nine Inch Nails, Suicidal Tendencies, Juliette Lewis

Updated:  February 1, 2012

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