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The aim of my project is to create an innovative course for cello, a course to address the multifaceted and modern shift from a conception of "classical" and the cello to a traditionalist view "modern", trying to bring the student into an active mentality and exploration tool that goes beyond the rigid, predefined patterns to which we are accustomed, but a great desire to develop research, because there are no studies or methods on this, but only musical examples.
With my training and experience in classical, jazz and pop intend to provide to my students the flexibility that a true musician should have to face any kind of musicin different work situations that may arise.
I want to convey to the pupil all my experience on the ground.
I still worked and collaborated as soloist and orchestra contractor with the mostimportant Italian pop and jazz artists, cover it also often the role of principal celloin the orchestra of the Italian television.
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Updated:  February 19, 2012

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