Sanando Chaudhuri Resume

      at the age of 4,all of a sudden i stepped on a stage and sang a song with didi making everyone one could ever expect that i will sing a song at that of my age without any preparation and rehearsal but only listening to didi's practice at my house for some days continuously.after that i was told to have the talim to a good teacher,fixed by my parents.i started learning every kind of songs to him,named Mr. samar sarkar.i started playing every song in harmonium and amazingly making him surprised i could play it at ease beyond his expectation.then after a year or two,i went to Mr. shanti ranjan srakar.i learnt hindustani classical music and nazrul geeti for long 5 or 6 between that phase i was participating in many singing competitions and was bringing prizes.though i was asked by my teacher not to participate in more that 3 or four competitions in a year so that my voice remains the age of 14,i decided to concentrate on my studies more and paused the music journey a bit for two years.after that phase,i again started learning but this time its ravindrasangeet from Mr. goutam saha.after another two years,due to my interest to make my voice more clear and polished,i again made up my mind to learn hindustani classical music.i came very close to my guruji sandip bhattacharya.i am still learning from him.i am actually a student of mechanical engg.(4th year).i love to sing's my love,it's my passion,it's my everything.i want to be in everyone's heart through my voice,my is my long-cherished dream to become a singer.i want to make it real as soon as possible and at any cost any the way,i love to write songs.i have written a few songs and gave musical touch to those.those are liked by many people.hope that number will increase at a glorious rate soon.that's my dream too.i have a band in my college(kalyani govt. engg. college).it's name is "roobaroo".we are very popular in my college.i am the lead singer in that band.hope i can have a well-furnished career in music industry.

guys!! i am coming soon...........

Updated:  February 10, 2012

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