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Born on 2.07.1990.g., in Novi Sad, Serbia (20 years old).
During 2003. by way of advanced advancement she completed both Primary School and the First year Music High School Isidor Bajic in the class of professor Zeljka Sponza (during the school year 2003/2004 she attended three regular grades and prepared herself for five harp competitions). Simultaneously, she was a student of Center for Talents at Department for Literature, University of Novi Sad.
During the school year 2004/2005, at the age od 14, she started Faculty of Music arts at the University of Arts in Belgrade, in the class od full professor Milica Baric. She graduated at the age of 18, in the class of professor Ljiljana Nestorovska with highest grades, as the youngest student of her generation.

She plays harp since she was eight. She opted for that instrument because, according to her own words, it is extremely difficult to learn how to play it, and she adores challenges.
During International Harp festival in Belgrade in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 she attended masterclass with world-known harpists and teachers: Elisabeth Fontan – Binoche, Patrizia Tassini, Catrin Finch, Leyla Urmanova, Ion Ivan Roncea, Monika Stadler, Karola Pinder, Jana Bouskova, Susanna Mildonian, Ana Levina, Ann Yang and others. In 2004 she attended harp course in school «BRAVALLE» in Fossano, Italy, with Elisabeth Fontan Binoche and Anna Loro. In 2007 she attended masterclass with Huguete Geliot.
In October 2008 she started specialist studies at Faculty of Music in Belgrade, being their bast candidate, she won the highest score at their entering exam.
Being only 18 (eighteen) years old, while other talented children sit for their entering exams, she alreday finished this faculty with high marks and numerous awards started previously.
She was sponsored by Republic foundation for scientific and artistic achievements of young people.
She was hired by “Windsor hotel, resort and spa” in Toya, Hokkaido(Japan)to perform as a professional harpist from December-march 2010/2011. Due to great references gotten after working in Japan, she receives business offer to perform for elite prestigious hotels in Doha, Dubai and Turkey. In spite of those offers, she moves to United States, Texas in April where she gets married and continues to pursue her career. She was hired to perform at the cocktail dinner organized by women's council of the Hamilton City, where she receives offer to hold a solo concert. The concert was held on October 22nd in Hamilton, Texas, with all the tickets sold out. The concert caused positive critics, and was followed with numerous articles in the Hamilton newspaper. While living in Hamilton, she performed on several different weddings, church services, dinner parties and cocktails in Austin, Dallas and Hamilton area, all within a period of 4 months. Beginning of november she releases a CD, produced by Peter Blackwell, recorded at the Presbyterian Hamilton church and engineered in the Blackwell's studio in Austin.
-In October she moved to Dallas area with her husband.
-Was hired to perform for the Royal Asscher Diamonds company in the Hilton Anatole hotel, on January the 20st
01.Award won for the best performer of the year 2010 in the Jazz club”Wheels”.
02. I award at XI International Competition of pupils and students of music in Sarajevo 21.04.2008
03. II award at IV International Competition of young harpists in Belgrade 14.04.2008.
04. II award at 5th International Harp Festival in Belgrade in 2006
05. III award at 4th International harp Festival in Belgrade in 2005
06. III award at 3rd International Harp Festival in Belgrade in 2004
07. at the age of 15 she won II award at 5th International Harp Festival in Belgrade at 16.05.2006
08. At the age of 14 she won II award at International Competition in Skopje 8-12.11.2004
09. At the age of 14 she won I award an International Competition «PETAR KONJOVIĆ» in Belgrade, 11.2004.
10.. At the age of 13 she got a special thanks at International Competition in Paris U.F.A.M. 21.03.2004 in „SUPERIOR“ category while she was compeeting with students of senior years of musical academy, 5-6 years older then herself
11. At the age of 13 she won the second award at International Competition in Paris U.F.A.M. 2003. In "Moyen II" category 02.02.2003
12. At the age of 13 she unanimously won the first special award with special merit at International Competition in Paris U.F.A.M. 2003. In "Moyen I" category 02.02.2003
13. At the age of 12 she was awarded a special award of Province Department fo

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