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I'm a baritone sax player, living in Sacramento, CA, who loves jazzy blues, straight ahead jazz, avant garde, soul, rock, rock blues, and plays Christian music in church.  I can play barrelhouse blues on piano as well.  My original music can be found on meetingforcoffee.org  (That's "meeting for coffee" spelled as one word.)  Meeting for Coffee is my first recording, made in 2007.  I'm writing and performing 1940's jazz and swing for my niece's wedding in Estes State Park, Colorado, in June, 2012, and all 6 originals will be recorded.  I'm a lawyer by day.

My e-mail is bari9pistrophy@gmail.com (not the d_whitney cited on my web page).  Bari is my instrument, of course, "9" is the note I love to alter, and "pistrophy" is short for "Epistrophy", my favorite tune.

My cell phone is (916) 201-3654.

Updated:  February 12, 2012

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