Christine Obsession Duo Resume

      International vocal duo Featuring female saxophonist and "Mungo Jerry" guitarist established 18 years!

Obsession Duo are unique in many ways not least because it is fronted by a recognised musician /voice over artist/bass player Ray Davies who was the bass player with "Mungo Jerry" who enjoyed worldwide hits including mega-hit " In the summertime" but also featuring a female saxophonist.

Ray was also the voice behind many a television adverts including the famous 1970's spoof for a well known brand of aftershave that appeared in every dads christmas stocking.

He also co-wrote the theme for kids TV show Wizbit which boasted the third highest childrens show audience figures of the time behind Blue Peter and Crackerjack!

His harmonies have helped create many a pop tune for pop legends such as "Boy George, Spandau Ballet and Paul Young and he played the haunting bass line on David Essex's hit "Rock on"

Ray joined forces with Christine Crook in 1994 and formed "Obsession duo" and have since travelled relentlessly around the world for major hotel chains and cruise ships alike including Hilton, Sheraton, Kempinski Hotel groups etc.

Obsession have a repertoire to suit any occasion or venue!

The websites shows full career history and many other song/video/tv show clips and news

Updated:  February 18, 2012

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