Pablo Valotta Resume

      I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in August 19th of 1978. I started playing bass at the age of fourteen.
I took private classes in harmony and counterpoint with Edgar Ferrer, double bass with Victor Skorikov an electric bass with Alejandro Herrera.
I have a degree as a music teacher from the National Conservatory of Buenos Aires “Carlos Lopez Buchardo”.
I studied salsa and latin-jazz in La Habana, Cuba with Chucho Valdez’s bass player, “El Fino”.
I worked intensively in studios as a session player with artists like: Carlos Campos, Julio Morales, Adrian Smith,Tamara Stegmayer, Daniel "Pipi" Piazzolla, Ruben Casco, Daniela Horovitz, Bacquerock, La Infraganti, Maldonado Jazz Trio, “Orquesta Jabali”, Silvina Gomez and Segundo Mundo among others.I also did three recordings as a leader with my own compositions and arrangements on south-american folk music.
I performed with artists like Nicolas “Colacho” Brizuela, Juanjo Hermida, Lucho Gonzalez, Alvaro Torres, Rolando “Oso” Picardi, Juan Cruz de Urquiza, Nicolas Guerschberg, D.O.G. (Diego Olivera Grupo), Jíbaro-La salsa brava, La Bomba de Tiempo,
Alan Plachta y Rataplan.
Since 2006 I’ve been working on cruise ships with Royal Caribbean and Princess Cruises.

Updated:  June 19, 2012

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