Laurie Dapice Resume

      My name is LaRe. I am a 10x Award Winning Jazz Singer & Accomplished World Class Musician. I am a Straight-ahead Jazz Singer & love the Great American Songbook. Latin, Swing, Ballades, The Blues, Bossa Nova, Waltz etc..I have a very large Jazz Standard Repetiore. I am an Alumni from The New School University of Jazz & Contemporary Music in Nyc, with a Bachelors in Performance & Music. I am a seasoned Singer & know how to work a room. I am a storyteller & a good one. I had the privelegde of studying voice with seven luminary performers; Barry Harris, Billy Harper, Amy London,Mark Murphy,Sheila Jordon, Pasquale Caputo & Freddie Cole. Two of the worlds finest Classical & Mainstream SIngers and five of the world's most iconic legendary Jazz Entertainers.I have had the pleasure & priveledge of sharing the stage with some of the world's best Jazz Musicians there are. I currently reside in Manhattan, Nyc and have performed in some very beautiful popular Nyc venues & have traveled abroad working 6 nights a week as the headlining performer of a five star venue.I am passionate about singing & about the Music; telling the story so it touchs people in my audience. I am a very vivacious exciting singer with a dynamic stage presence. I have recorded my first Album at Tony Benett's Studio in Englewood NJ that I will be releasing in 2012.

Updated:  February 29, 2012

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