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      Donovan Johnson is an internationally recognized pianist based in the United States. His musical style touches the young and the old, and goes beyond the boundaries of culture. Combining a unique mixture of Contemporary, New Age and Celtic musical styles, Donovan's music has a unique sound all its own.

Donovan began playing the piano at the age of two. Picking up melodies by ear, he began recreating songs and melodies that he heard on the radio and television, and it wasn't long before his parents decided to enroll him in formal piano lessons. Training would continue throughout Donovan's school years, and during this time he would perform twice on NBC television and at the Iowa State Fair before attending Waldorf College, where he would study music performance and composition.

Donovan moved to Omaha NE in 1997, and for several years played in various bands and musical acts regionally. He would also attend The University Of Nebraska at Omaha at this time, until 2003 when musical work began to sustain itself and Donovan became a full time musician. He took a job teaching at the SNJ Studio of music, performed regularly, and shortly after became the keyboardist at Unity Church Of Omaha.

In 2007 Donovan began recording his debut album, "Pieces Of Life." This album was a summary of songs and life experiences that had led Donovan to his current life experience. Finding much local success after the album's release, Donovan would go on to release three more recordings: "Winter Solstice: Celebrating The Season!" (2009) "Road To Home" (2010) and "October." (2011)

Currently, Donovan is preparing material for his next CD, which will be available for release in October 2012. In addition:

-Donovan is also the owner/operator of the online New Age piano radio station, "Enlightened Piano Radio." You can check out the station website at

-Has a regular concert series in Omaha, hosting and performing a new concert each month. Many of these concerts are annual events and are held at some of Omaha's most prestigious locations.

-Has performed at the UnityUK annual festival in London, England (Nov. '09).

-Has performed in Macclesfield, England.

-Tours regularly around the U.S, and has started a fundraising campaign for the International Association Of Unity Churches, "Tour For Unity."

-Has performed with numerous nationally recognized artists, including soul artist Lalomie Washburn and New Age artists David Nevue and Richard Carr.

Check out Donovan's website at for the latest news, sheet music and much more!

Updated:  February 24, 2012

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