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 I am Looking to form a Band that let's our audience relate to the Past and makes them want to get up and dance. I am looking for male & female musicians that play keyboards/Guitar/vocals, Bass Guitar/Vocals, fiddle/Guitar/Vocals, Steele/Lead Guitar/Vocals, Drums/Vocals that are versatile enough to make the band. I want to bring back the top songs that "Made the Music", and "Made our Memories". I am looking for a Versatile Group that can Play any type of Gig (Corporate, Casino, Weddings, etc...) Experience not required! Professionalism and Dedication a MUST! I want the next Las Vegas SUPER GROUP!!!

Everything from the 50's - 70's Rock, Country, Classic Rock, Southern Rock, Bluegrass, Motown etc...

Back when you could actually enjoy the music and all the great dance tunes that people love!

(NO Personal Baggage, Attitudes, Drunks/Drugs)

A band where everybody is Equal!

Feel free to contact me with your experience and determination at

Updated:  February 25, 2012

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