Beni Menezes Resume

      Beni Menezes was born in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), at the July's 17th, of 1985.
Growning up in Sao Paulo (SP), he started to listen what was being produced in the universe of rock n' roll, in every kind of rock music. When he moved to the country (1996), living in Itu (SP), in a few months started to have drums and percussion lessons at a music academy - Conservatorio Municipal Maestro Henrique Castelari, in Salto (SP). Since then, he never stopped studying and playing around, composing drums and percussion in every kind of music bands - from New Metal to Latin rithms, Hardcore to Blues, Samba to Jazz...
Now, as the executive producer of a media company, he starts to produce materials -like videos, photos, songs - to a lot of brazilian artists - close do Florianopolis (SC), where he lives.
As soon he finishes his grad (in History, by the UFSC - Federal University of Santa Catarina), he'll return to L.A., probably to study and work at the LAMA (Pasadena - CA), where Ralph Humphrey has already accepted him as a potencial professional...

Updated:  February 29, 2012

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