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      EnThe Agency KUSHEV MUSIC MANAGEMENT from Dilian Kushev 2010 founded.
Mainly Classic music, Men choir, Churchmusic and International Folklore.
Our Management Team is from 3 people.

Dilian Kushev– Manager

Upon completion of the music school in Bulgaria, training with Prof. Russkoff at the Music Academy - Sofia, in order to successfully complete his singing voice.

Mr. Dilian Kushev was in Bulgaria, Italy, France, Denmark, Switzerland and Germany on opera and operetta stages (Nice, Olborg, Ludwigshafen, Schaffhausen, Sofia, etc.) operate.

In 1996 D.Kushev was honored with several awards (eg) as the best young soloist.

In 1998, the transition to the world famous Don Cossack Choir, the baritone soloist took place with over 2,000 successful concerts in Europe.

His performances as a solo baritone, with organ accompaniment is an unforgettable experience.

Excerpt of the Augsburger Allgemeine-Zeitung:

"... so forcefully put forward "the repentant thief," with the solo singing of Dilian Kushev with its multifaceted baritone, which can be as deep as a bass and clear, like a tenor ...".

Bernhard Drews – Tourmanagement and concert organisation.

Lusy Zenova – attorney at law,

Updated:  March 1, 2012

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