Edward Blakeley Resume

      Edward Blakeley is a university educated and industry experienced professional audio specialist and multi-genre composer in soundtracks and multimedia applications. Whilst studying Music at the University of Leeds in the UK, he worked as an assistant to the critically acclaimed composer Richard Jacques who has composed for media giants Sega and Activision, among others. Edward produces from his studio based in the UK, and his pieces have had airtime on BBC Radio Two and other radio stations.


As a multi-instrumentalist trained in composition for full orchestra, he can deliver the big screen sound on a low budget, as well as electronic/urban, jazz, and popular music soundtracks.

Born in 1989 in the small town of Hastings in Sussex UK, Leeds University educated composer and producer Edward Blakeley’s list of achievements reads like a music veteran’s twice his age. By the age of 18, having already established a foothold in the local music scene, the self-taught multi-instrumentalist, composer, orchestrator, performer and producer founded Sonic Avenue Studios, renting a small commercial unit in nearby Bexhill-on-sea. Gaining experience as not only a studio engineer but also a manager, financier, and businessman the entrepreneur went on to work with Brit Award winning Blair MacKichan (Will Young, Olly Murs, Lily Allan) in both live and studio capacities, and multi-award winning, BAFTA/IVOR NOVELLO nominated composer Richard Jacques (James Bond: Bloodstone, Mass Effect, Little Big Planet 2) working as an assistant and aide, quickly becoming an apprentice composer. With airtime on BBC Radio 2 at the age of just 20, the young prodigy’s career looks firmly positive ahead, and his compositional and orchestrative techniques have won him composition and sound design roles for feature-length films and multiple animations and video games.

The university education bolstered his already firm knowledge of music theory and of a variety of instruments and orchestration, and proceeded to hone his already impressive self-taught performance technique. His production and compositional capabilities extend from classical to folk to modern pop. Edward is already a renowned performer of the electric bass, drums, guitar, piano, and more recent instrumental ventures include the violin and trombone.

Updated:  March 2, 2012

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