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      "Holly Burke is an original voice on flute. Her concept falls somewhere between Eric Ghost and Paul Horn and she makes the flute shout and weep..."
- Gabriel Mark Hasselbach, JUNO Award Recording Artist and Producer
"A great voice and great jazz flute in one package. Impossible? Listen to Holly Burke. I do."
- Paul Horn
"Holly Burke has charm, charisma, and great chops." - Ross Porter - Galaxy
" Holly Burke is a singer and multi-instrumentalist who brings a depth of feeling to her lyrics and music." - Marke Andrews, The Vancouver Sun
" I've used some of the top flute players in the world and they all have their own style; including Paul Horn, Fraser McPherson and Holly Burke, who I think is wonderful."
-Terry Jacks
"So universal, yet so specific, more than an instrument; rather a universal human expression." - Mark Fenster, Autumn Studios
Vancouver composer-flutist-singer Holly Burke has a unique style. Holly started playing piano at age four and her first composition at age eight was for recorder, xylophone and piano. She studied with David Gross in New York and with Judy Mendenhall and Damien Bursill-Hall in San Diego, California. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Music and Theatre, a teaching credential from Cambridge University and over twenty years additional teaching experience. But like so many Canadians, she gets more attention in other countries. Holly's credits include the San Diego International Jazz Festival, The Du Maurier Jazz Festival, CBC TV and Radio and National Public Radio. In Vancouver she has worked with the great Linton Garner, Terry Jacks and Gabriel Mark Hasselbach. Holly has collaborated on over twenty recording projects and multi-media projects including the Jazz Opera "Monstrum" by Nancy Briggs. Holly has an International Broadcast Award from the Hollywood Radio and Television Society, as well as many VO and TV credits including the National Film Board documentary "Kosovo-a Fragile Peace, Special Unit 2, Cold Squad V1,The Dead Zone and, It's a Girl Thing, with Mia Farrow.
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"Your flute speaks! I wish to tell you how much I enjoyed your performance today! - it was full !!!!! of emotion and vitality! Your quartet accompanied me through depth, soul, whimsy, joy and celebration... you are a talented bunch!
- Jennifer Mathews - Vancouver

Look for Holly Burke's new CD "Nature Girl" - coming out in 2012

Updated:  July 18, 2012

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