Ray Jozwiak Resume

      Baltimore-based creative musician Ray Jozwiak offers recordings and performance of eclectic original music that's hard to describe, but essentially based in jazz. Jazz covers a lot of musical ground from Dixieland to blues to fusion and experimenters and free-thinkers. Ray's music, like jazz, is very diverse.

While based in jazz, Ray's music also bears a heavy influence of 60's and 70's pop music mingled with the 'art rock' that evolved in the 70's and 80's.
Like the bottled spaghetti sauce, 'It's all there.'

Ray is also still learning from contemporary artists like Angel Fallen, Ani DiFranco, System of a Down, Beck, Fishbone, Metallica, Les Claypool, Robert Randolph and others.

Some pretty weird stuff to influence a solo pianist. After playing music for over forty years, a distinct, mature musical identity has emerged.

Ray has performed in and around Baltimore at the 13th Floor Lounge-The Belvedere, The Kiss Cafe, Gardel's Supper Club, The Full Moon Saloon, The Baltimore Songwriters Association, The Baltimore Book Fair, Maggie Moore's, Ze Mean Bean, Border's Books and Music and GBMC. Ray's three CDs (CHROMATOSE, CRITIC'S CHOICE and PUT A FINGER ON IT) are available for purchase at http://cdbaby.com/all/rjozwiak as well as a host of cyber-outlets for download (cdbaby has a list). Please visit the website http://www.rayjozwiak.com or My Space http://www.myspace.com/gonzopiano

Updated:  April 30, 2008

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