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                                                                                         ANTONIO OSTUNI HARPIST

Antonio began studying harp at 10th year old when he entered the “Nino Rota” Conservatory of music in Monopoli under the guidence of Stefania Betti and then with Passerini Christiana and Cadoppi Donata.
At the age of twelve he follow the music workshop “Younger Harpist” sponsored by V. Salvi in the town of Lastra a Signa (Florence) and in the following year at the age of 13th he win the first price at Concours International “Henriette Reniè” in Lion (France) in the category Preparatoire.
In the year of 2006 he finished studying harp with Cum Laude with honour from Conservatory in Monopoli under guidence of Alberti Nicoletta.
When still studying he also received numerous price: in 2003 1st prize at the 4th National Competition for Music Execution in Putignano, with scholarship as a prize for the best performer. In 2004 1st prize with special mention “W.A.Mozart” at 4th European Music Competition “Mendelsshon-Cup” ; at Dicembre 2004 1st winner at the “Senatore Luigi Russo” in Monopoli for the 100th of his birth day, he received the medaglion from the Senat Italian Republic for the winner with the higest vote.
In that year too he win the 1st prize in the category “Young Talent” in “Rovere d'Oro” competition at S. Bartolomeo al Mare (Imperia). In that occasion the English composer and famous harpist David Watkins wrote about him “the most talented young harpist that I had ever heard for the long time...”.
In summer 2004 he is invited to the Transart Festival (Innsbruck, Austria) for the occasion of world premiere of “Stunde der Seele” by Sofia Gubaidulina.
In dicembre 2004 he win “National Prize of the Arts”, from the Italian Ministery of Culture (with the famous harpist Elena Zaniboni as member of the jury), after that he ralized a CD sponsored by the Ministery of the Arts. The winner of this competition must be performed at Argentina Theater in Rome.
In 2005 he played live in Sala Assunta for the Radio Vaticana.
In that year too he is selected among the young harpist from around the world to perform in the 9th World Harp Congress in Dublin at Focus on Youth (he played Spiders by Paul Patterson and Variations on a Theme in Ancient Style by Carlos Salzedo). In the next three years in 2008 he played again in 10th World Harp Congress in Amsterdam and received good critic from various famous harpist like Susan McDonald, Patrizia Tassini, Kathy Kienzle, Mario Falco etc.
In 2006 he entered Conservatory “Claudio Monteverdi” in Bolzano for the specialization under the guidance of Gertrud Chiochetti. In there with highest point he finish the Master degree.
For the Master he received a scholarship from “Erasmus” to obtain study in Musikhochschule in Hamburg as a student under guidance of Xavier de Maistre.
As a soloist he performed in various Recital around Italy (Milan, Trieste, Bari, Mantova, Treviso,
Bolzano, etc)
In 2007 he partecipate at USA International Harp Competition 2007, just one Italian selected from all
the world.
In the same year he is invited to playing with Gustav Mahler Jugend Orchester, under the artistic
direction of Claudio Abbado, with them he traveled for tour in South America, playing at Coliseo
Theater in Buenos Aires, Municipal Theater at Rio de Jainero, Sao Paulo Hall at Sao Paulo
Brazil, as first harp, playing for Gustav Mahler's Lieder sang by famous bariton Thomas Hampson; in
this all occasion directed by Philippe Jordan.
In 2008 he win the audition at the austrian orchestra Wiener Jeunesse Orchestre and partecipated at
the project Sureyya Hopernhaus in Istanbul.
In 2009 he is selected by Gustav Kuhn as a soloist with Haydn Orchestra at Bolzano and Trento for
the season 2009/2010 playing “Concert for Harp and Orchestra” by Alberto Ginastera under the
conduction of Christoph Eberle.
In 2010 he is invited from Petruzelli Theater Orchestra, as a first harp for the perform of Eleonora
Abbagnato in the Ballet “Giselle”.
In the same year he is invited by Luigi Cherubini Young Orchestra under patronate by Riccardo
Muti for touring concert in italian theaters playing “il Trovatore” 's Giuseppe Verdi, directed by
Cristina Mazzavillani Muti.
In summer 2011 Gustav Kuhn (in the role of director and conductor) ask him for playing as first harp
in the Tiroler Festpiele (Austria) for the following programm “ I Maestri cantori di Norimberga”,
“Parsifal”, and “Tannhäuser” (as harpist on the scene) by Richard Wagner.
From 2009, after winning three times the audition at the European Youth Orchestra (2009,2010,and
2011). He participate in numerous tours in famous european concert hall like Royal Albert Hall in
London, the Concertgebow in Amsterdam, the Konzerthaus in Berlin, the Dvorak Hall in Prague,
the Grand (Blue) Hall Sava Center in Belgrad, the Bèla Bartok National Concert Hall in
Budapest, the Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall in Zagreb, etc and working with numerous famous
conductors like Gianandrea Noseda, Vladimir Ashkenazy, Andrew Litton, Matthias Bamert, Claus
Peter Flor, etc. In that three year in the European Union Youth Orchestra accompaign famous artists
like Natalia Gutman, Renaud Capuçon, Patricia Kopatchinskaja, Maxim Rysanov, etc. with
Eropean Union Youth Orchestra facing a numerous sinfonic repertoir and recorded for Radio Swiss,
He interested with contemporary music making him work with many composer, wich whom they
dedicate their composition for him, like Domenico Turi, with his work for harp solo “Metamorfosi” and
Manuela Kerer, wich has written “Eterezoo” for harp and string quintet, commissioned from Tiroler
Festspiele Erl, performed in world premiere at the 2011 festival and recorded for ORF during the
concert in july 25, 2011.
His artistic activity included numerous chamber music repertoir, he had stable duo with sopran Ulpiana
Aliaj, wich whom they received good critic when perform in Milan, Bari, Bolzano, and Tiroler
Festspiele in Erl.
He made duo harp-harpsichord, one and only in Italy with Daniela Francisci from Pescara. They repertoir from baroque until modern music make a sensational interest from young compositor wich whom their work dedicated to them.
From 2009 he frequent a second level course in Bolzano Conservatory under the guidence of Angela Cattelan, Annibale Rebaudengo, Antonio Giacometti, Antonio Carlini

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